Blue Rock-thrush [Monticola solitarius]

Blue Rock-thrush [Monticola solitarius]

Inspired by a blue-rock thrush whose mouth was always full of worms, I created an acrostic poem.

B.L.U.E. …… T.H.R.U.S.H.

[B]orn as a hunter, I taste lives
[L]iquid sunshine prepares a meal
[U]nreasonable event it might be to you
[E]nd is silly like this
[T]hrilled I was when I found you
[H]esitant I was when I had to hurt you
[R]ough you were when I had to swallow you
[U]nforgettable moment for both of us
[S]orrowful you may feel but this is life
[H]ow grateful I am to you, for my chicks!

The longer I try to observe them, the faster they disappear. Beautiful things fly away!

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