Friendship Crisis

A crested pigeon [Ocyphaps lophotes] in the Mohawk style


Poem by PapilionemK-

F.   Fragile glass wall was set between them
R.   Removable but they kept it
I.    It could turn to sharp weapons when shattered
E.   Eventually mutually they broke it
N.   None of them were bleeding but
D.   Damage was done on the fake link,
S.   So called a friendship
H.   Have you ever heard about
I.    It could also happen to
P.   Pigeons, only because of a hair dresser?

Here is what happened…(Detective Adrian Monk appears!)

The story is just my joke but…

Indeed I had a friend whom I shared a hair dresser with…and yes…she is now ex-friend although the issue was not about the hair dresser at all. 😑

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