Pied Currawong [Strepera graculina]

Currawongs, one of the unique birds in Australia, are gregarious, funny creatures. They are skillful in snatching food from people, or to some regular encounters, they kindly request sharing lunch with them. Because of this, some people call them as thieves or pests. However, currawongs may see things differently: if anyone brings food, the food is to be shared between friends. So do not feel robbed even though your portion of the sandwich becomes one quarter of the original size after a currawong’s visit.

Missing those harmless hooligans I met in the Cradle Mountain and in Sydney, I created this poem!


Poem by PapilionemK-

C. Curiousness I may say but you label my deed as
U. Unruly, unlawful act
R. Robbery? How shameful it is!
R. Rule or Law does not exist in my Kingdom though
A. A cheerful mind would never take away our friendship
W. Walking together every morning in the same forest
O. Our friendship, I thought, allowed sharing some food
N. Nevertheless it was just my misconception
G. Go your own way and my song will not be colorful any longer

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