Grey Heron

Grey Heron [Ardea cinerea]

G.R.E.Y. H.E.R.O.N.

Poem by PapilionemK-

G. Grey jacket, the only suit I have
R. Rarely I wear it but I wore it today
E. Early morning I received the message that
Y. You would also come to the party

H. Hm, but I am standing here alone
E. Eyes fixed on the rock you would perch on
R. Rippling water touches my aching feet
O. Oh, Darling. Don’t make me embarrassed
N. Night is soon to come and I have nyctalopia

This poem is my first acrostic poem for birds, which I wrote one year ago.

Looking at the photos of a motionless grey heron in a grey suit, I was imagining a gentleman waiting for his lover who apparently ditched him. Way better off alone, Grey Heron!

Grey Heron [Ardea cinerea]

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