Noisy Miner’s Spa Day

Nosiy Miner [Manorina melanocephala]

Look at this poor little creature!

The orange color in his forehead is not his natural color. He didn’t put it for cosmetic purposes or it was not at all intended for dying of his feathers.

An hour ago, he was binging on flax flowers without knowing pollens were all over his head.

Flax plant [Phormium tenax], also called as harakeke in Maori, is originated from New Zealand.

After overloading his blood with a great amount of sugar, part of his brain was activated and reminded him that it was a Grand Opening Day for the luxurious spa. He had to hurry to come back to his pals.

A gang of noisy miners are gathered for a special spa session. The youngster with dirty forehead also arrived.

It is a real hot summer day. Everybody wants to jump into the spa right away.

But…they should wait till the Boss arrives.

Finally, the Boss arrives and all are excited!

Especially, an orphan who was raised by his careless uncle, is looking forward to this great event cause he never was taught how to do it.

First of all, the orphan does not know how to overcome the fear at the moment of jumping into the water.

He will anyway learn from the other grwon-ups today. His half-drunken uncle is not present as he is still under holiday hangover.

Check the rest of the story in the video!

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