I hate all whites in liquid form.

Today I ordered porridge with fruits but received granola with yogurt and fruits. If I had pointed out that my order was not registered correctly, they would have served me porridge in the end; however, I didn’t want to waste food. I thought I could handle the disgusting yogurt and granola, which I rarely voluntarily eat.

I hate all whites in liquid or semiliquid form. It’s just a preferential choice without any reasonable ground. I find the color white extremeley disgusting when it comes to food. Cow milk, soy milk, coconut milk, any other milk, yogurt, creams, uncooked flour dough, etc. All I try to avoid to swallow down through my esophagus. The color white as a food is so unnatural and non-transparent, which makes them ironically very dirty and dark. I do not trust any food without transparent element. How can I be sure that the food has good intention and character without looking through their structure? And I have a strong gut feeling that my mucosal cells also hate picking up nutritional elements from those dirty white foods. It’s a terrible scene that my beautifully vulnerable pinky mucosal lingings of my guts are streaked with malicious white liquid mixed with digestive liquids. It’s sad and disastrous insult to my guts and an unacceptable invasion of the dirty creatures in my body system. That’s why I always have diarrhea after eating those disgusting filthy white trashes. I just dislike those foods, but under certain circumstances, I am enforced to put one of those disgusting food items in my digestive system.

If such a misfortunate event occurrs, I need some time to recover. Today I could not abandon the idea to dispatch my disgusted feelings in a small corner of internet.

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