The First Visitor to Our Bird Feeder

Brown-eared Bulbul/직박구리 [Hypsipetes amaurotis]

Finally, winter is here! My husband and I installed a bird feeder in an urban setting, while wondering if ever any bird would visit.

After three days since I’ve put a persimmon, the first visitor came to check and showed his satisfaction.

On the morning of the third day since I’ve put this persimmon, there comes the sign of a first visitor. 🙂

Right after landing, he always does the safety check. Being vigilant is important for survival in nature.

This is brown-eared bulbul, in Korean, it is called 직박구리. He is the frequent customer to my bird feeder. Now he seems to bring his partner. Nowadays, a couple of bulbuls happily enjoy fruits (persimmon, tangerine, blueberry).

I created a video using footages shot for a week. I’ve embedded the video at the end.

I admire birds. Birds do not waste resources. They do not overeat. They do need energy for flying but full belly will hinder the flight efficiency. This bulbul also could eat the whole persimmon but he always takes exactly the amount he needs. If people can have such a discipline, humans will not suffer from the modern day diseases, which mostly come from uncontrolled desires.

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