The financially broken Penguin couple and strange visitors

King Penguin Ocean Hotel (KPOH)

A King Penguin couple has an accomodation business in Hobart, the King Penguin Ocean Hotel (KPOH). KPOH was popular for a while and even awarded as the best hotel by Avian Backpackers Association in 2017.

Unfortunately, the fame did not long last. Apparently the business is taking on a rough side this year, as all rooms are currently available.

One day, an extremley exhausted traveler seagull knocked the door of the KPOH.

Knock, Knock…Is there any room for me? I’m an exhausted traveler.

“Can I stay tonight?”

Being happy to have a guest in their hotel, the Penguin couple rushed to the door with their webbed feet and opened the door widely.


They mumbled.

They were reluctant to welcome this tired guest.

We blocked the whole sewage system! Haha!!

They clearly remember the traumatic experience of having similar guests last year. At that time a bunch of backpackers looking similar to this guy wearing white-grey jacket stayed for a night but their too active guts resulted the blockage of the loo and the owner couple had to call the plumber in the end.

Having such a painful memory with the seagulls, the Penguin couple could not dare to take in another similar guest. Assessing that the loss would be bigger than income by accepting this guest, the Penguin couple had to send the poor traveler back to the street.

Not long after, another traveler came in. This time the guest was wearing a decent black suit!

My name is Little Shag [Microcarbo melanoleucos]. Yeah, I have a black suit.

Did the Penguin couple finally benefit out of this potential guest?

Check the rest of the story in the video!

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