Bird Feeder in Urban Environment

In 2021 winter, my husband and I installed a bird feeder in an urban setting while wondering if ever any bird would visit.

After three days since I had put a persimmon, the first visitor came to check and showed his satisfaction. Soon he brought his partner or friend. A couple of bulbuls happily enjoyed fruits (persimmon, tangerine, blueberry).

The below video shows my excitement with these visitors.

I removed the feeder during summer to autumn because of frequent typhoons here in Korea.

Then, another winter came and the feeder season 2 was initiated!

Only one species, Brown-eared Bulbul [Hypsipetes amaurotis], enjoyed the feeder in the first winter; however, to my surprise, a second species, the gorgeous Daurian Redstart [Phoenicurus auroreus] started visiting the feeder. Then, to my more surprise, two more species, Great Tit [Parus major] and Marsh Tit [Poecile palustris] also became my regular customers enjoying the feeder.

It’s quite interesting to see that this feeder is found by local birds one by one. How they figure out? And how they share the information or do they just observe neighboring birds’ behavior?

For them, the location of the feeder may not be that ideal for food foraging because it is considered to be quite exposed to potential arial predators. Nonetheless, the factor of easy access to food seems to overweigh the potential danger, which may not be significant in reality (predator birds are rare or none in this area and the angle of attack is not favorable for them).

I summarized the feeder records in the video below.

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